Pilot Program

πŸ₯‡ Ranking System

1st Rank: Cadet

New member: Connect with us in our communities.

βœ… Requirements:

  • Join Discord

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Become a part of our community

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • N/A

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Unlock Discord Level 1

  • Connect with us on X

  • Finish "Intro to Hemi" quiz on Absinthe

2nd Rank: Second Officer

Spread awareness: Embrace sharing, learning, helping and spreading the word about Hemi.

βœ… Requirements:

  • Engage with Hemi content (on Discord, Twitter, and other socials)

  • Participate in online events

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Access to a private Ambassador Discord channel

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • Hemi stickers

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Engage with us on Twitter (like, repost, comment)

  • Make a meme and share it in the Discord and tag the Hemi Twitter account

  • Add the airplane emoji to your Twitter name

  • Post two original Tweets about our updates

3rd Rank: First Officer

Getting committed: Become an active participant in content creation, assist newcomers, and engage on social media platforms.

βœ… Requirements:

  • Participate actively on socials and Discord

  • Provide support on Discord and Twitter

  • Generate content, including:

    • Tutorials

    • Blogs

    • Memes

    • Educational content

    • Videos

    • Translate content

    • Initiate threads

    • Make posts

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Special role on Discord

  • First access to new feature launches and materials

  • Invitation to join virtual meetups with the team

  • Quality content that could be used for the brand

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • Hemi pins

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Consistency with posting and engagement

  • Actively contribute to community discussions and share insights

  • Consistently share updates and news

  • Attend and engage with Twitter Spaces

  • Show signs of leadership and care for the communities

  • Design and share swag!

4th Rank: Check Airman

Rising up: Develop premium content like tutorials, blogs and evergreen memes. Nurture community through entertainment, education, creativity and networking.

βœ… Requirements:

  • Introduce quality ambassadors to the program

  • Foster growth and advancement of level 3 ambassadors

  • Lead community engagement initiatives of your own doing

  • Conduct high quality education sessions or workshops

  • Attend events and report back meaningful insights like industry trends, opportunities

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Title of official Hemi ambassador

  • Dedicated page featuring official ambassadors

  • VIP invitations to virtual events, local events, summits, workshops, hackathons

  • Exclusive invites for internal brainstorming sessions and strategic planning

  • The opportunity to join IRL local Hemi events

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • Aviators

  • Shirt

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Host events: in person or virtual events like hackathons, workshops, meetups

  • Introduce multiple high quality ambassadors

  • Assist in training and managing high level ambassadors over level 3

  • Maintain relationships with other communities for collaboration

  • Continue creating high quality content

5th Rank: Chief Pilot

Getting higher: Assist managing the ambassador program, interview and onboard ambassadors, guide new users in our Discord and social media. Educate, inspire and assist other ambassadors for impactful community management.

βœ… Requirements:

  • Attend local events on Hemi’s behalf

  • Host virtual or in person meetups/happy hours

  • Collaborate with other communities for joint events/workshops/announcements

  • Create captivating surveys, games, questionnaires, long interview questions, contests to keep communities engaged

  • Showcase strong commitment to consistently crafting superior engaging content covering many topics:

    • Educational videos, guides, research, podcast

    • Well-researched articles

    • Enlightening and educational threads

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Regular group calls with Hemi team and 6th Rank Ambassadors

  • Early opportunities to preview an work on pre-launch projects

  • Recognition on Discord and Twitter for contributions

  • Invitation to host/moderate ELI5 series

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • TBD

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Help Hemi DevRel team filter ambassador applications and onboard interviews

  • Identify speaking opportunities for Hemi team (events, podcasts, etc)

  • Consistently provide support to newcomers

  • Create an educational/insightful video for Hemi

  • Achieve level 30 inside Hemi Discord

  • Regularly participate in Twitter Spaces

  • Collaborate with other Hemi ambassadors for joint community initiatives

6th Rank: Captain

You’ve peaked: Actively assist in the development of young ambassadors and be a key part of the Hemi team by hosting events. You may have the opportunity to be flown out to our live events!

βœ… Requirements:

  • Attend global events on Hemi’s behalf

  • Take initiative on partnerships: find and pitch partnership opportunities

  • Actively engage to nurture relationships with key users, key voices, groups and other complementary communities

  • Provide a competitive analysis to similar brands

  • Maintain a close and active relationships with Hemi team

πŸ† Non-material Rewards:

  • Opportunity to meet Hemi team globally at a virtual event, all expenses paid*

  • 1:1 mentorship call with Hemi Co-founders

  • A consultant for Hemi community initiatives moving forward

  • Invitations to IRL events

  • First pick for Hemi job openings

  • Invitation to host/moderate ELI5 series

πŸ‘• Swag:

  • Captains hat

πŸ“ˆ How to Advance:

  • Maintain level 5 requirements

  • Host a Twitter Spaces 1x month

  • Play an active role in shaping Hemi’s community strategy

  • Serve as a mentor to other community members and ambassadors

  • Take the lead on spearheading collaborative efforts with external communities

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