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🌐 Overview

Welcome to the technical documentation for Hemi, a Layer-2 solution for Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains that offers true scalability and interoperability.

This documentation is designed to guide builders and enthusiasts in understanding and utilizing the hVM. The hVM is Hemi's modular protocol that provides developers with a familiar programming interface.

Our documentation is organized into the following sections to help you find relevant information quickly:

How-To Tutorials: These basics will get you started! Set up your MetaMask Wallet, tunnel ETH to Hemi, start with Remix IDE, deploy an ERC-20 token and run a PoP miner.

Before You Begin: Get a crash course in Ethereum Rollups and Proof-of-Proof within the context of Hemi.

Foundational Topics: Learn about the architecture, sequencer consensus, PoP consensus & Bitcoin finality, transactions, blocks, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, gas, nodes & clients, tunneling, and last but not least, staking.

Tools: Understand and set up the basic tools for building with Hemi, like Foundry, Hardhat, Remix, and viem.

Tutorials: Learn by doing! Follow these tutorials to learn how to use Hemi for different use cases.

Governance: We have incentives for users! Check out our points, grants, retroactive funding, and one-off spends!

Additional Resources: If you're an explorer, we would love to work with you! Check out our grants, the Hemi Ambassador Program, partners, the FAQ, official links, and our brand kit.

Send Feedback: We'd love to hear from you, good or bad! Found a bug? Got a hackathon coming up? Slide into our DMs.

🏁 Getting Started

Whether you're a developer, miner, or explorer, we've got a path for you!

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