Brand Kit

This page features the official Hemi logos, wordmarks, and colors for media use.

The Hemi Logo is comprised of the Hemi Symbol and the Hemi Wordmark.


The Symbol may be used independently of the Wordmark, but the Symbol must always accompany the Wordmark.


On Hemi Orange or colored backgrounds, use either the fully white or full black variation of the logo to achieve the highest level of visual contrast.

Light Backgrounds

  • To maintain visual effectiveness, use either the brand color (Hemi Orange + black) or black on a light background.

Dark Backgrounds

  • Use either the brand color (Hemi Orange + white) on a dark background.

Hex Colors

Font Download

H1, H2, H3

Letter Spacing: -2%

Links, Paragraphs

Letter Spacing: -2%

  • We want to maintain consistency for some core brand assets, our logo being one of them. So please, no rotations, drop shadows, effects, manipulations, or pairing with other logos and icons. Keep it simple.

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