Hemi Network

To-date, scaling Web3 has focused on building layers on top of the two biggest networks — Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We addressed the compromises those projects had to make.

Then we focused our energy where few dared — the underexplored areas in between.

Introducing Hemi: A modular network built to support and scale the next great applications on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

👋 Friends and Family

To our valued Friends and Family,

We extend our gratitude for being the first in this journey. Your participation is invaluable as we create the future of the Hemi Network. We kindly request your feedback, particularly on the following features:

💻 Deploy a Smart Contract on HEMI

⭕ Claim Onboarding Capsule

👥 Join Discord

Once you've completed tasks above please fill out our feedback form to claim 200 XP! Your insights and observations are crucial for refining and enhancing the Hemi Network.

🎉 Reward Opportunities

Earn more rewards here at the Quest Board

Thank you once again for your essential contribution and feedback. We eagerly anticipate hearing about your experience and we can't wait to create this community together!

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