Smart Contract Deployments

🧐 Why is my smart contract deployment failing on the testnet even though the contract seems to be created?

🌐 Overview

  • Deployment issues on testnet can stem from using features or opcodes not yet supported by the testnet's version of the EVM.

  • Check the Raw trace tab

👀 Common Culprits

  • One frequent cause is the use of the PUSH0opcode, which was introduced in EIP-3855 with the Shanghai upgrade.

✅ Solutions

  • To avoid such issues, it's best to wait until testnet officially supports these new features before attempting to deploy contracts that rely on them.

  • 📜 We will make an announcement when we update this soon!

⛽ Gas Usage (e.g. are you at 100%?)

🌐 Overview

  • Deployment failures can often be traced back to insufficient gas allocation.

  • When a transaction consumes all allocated gas without completing, the network rejects it to avoid executing transactions that could run indefinitely.

👀 Common Culprits

  • 100% Gas Consumption: If a transaction fails and the gas usage is 100%, it suggests the gas limit set for the contract's deployment was too low to cover the computation required.

    • Check Gas usage & limit by txn

✅ Solutions

  • Increase Gas Limit: Adjust the gas limit upwards based on the complexity of your contract and the estimations provided by gas estimation tools.

  • Optimize Contract Code: Review and optimize your smart contract code to reduce gas consumption. This can involve simplifying functions, removing unnecessary operations, or leveraging patterns that consume less gas.

  • Test Thoroughly

✅Did you Verify Your Smart Contract?

🌐 Overview

Preparing your smart contract for deployment involves a critical step: verification. This process not only helps in catching potential issues early but also enhances the contract's integrity before it goes live.

🔍 Verification is Key

Verifying your smart contract is paramount to ensure its readiness for deployment. This crucial step provides valuable insights into any potential errors or vulnerabilities that could compromise its performance or security.

🛠 Steps to Verify:

  • Navigate to Contract Details: Access your contract's details within your development environment or via a testnet blockchain explorer where your contract will be deployed.

  • Look for the Verify and Publish option. Selecting this begins the verification process, which is essential for assessing whether your contract operates as intended and is ready for interaction with users.

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