MetaMask Wallet Setup

📜 TL;DR:

  • MetaMask, available as a browser extension and mobile app, is designed for easy management of cryptocurrencies and interaction with dApps.

  • This guide walks you through adding the Hemi network to MetaMask, including setting up network details like RPC URL, Chain ID, and Block Explorer URL.

  • Key settings for Hemi Network in MetaMask:

  • ETH, the native token of the Hemi Network, is used to pay for gas fees.

  • tHEMI is the testnet governance token of the Hemi Network.

  • Import the tHEMI token contract address 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042into MetaMask to view your tHEMI token balance. :::

🏁 Prerequisites

  1. MetaMask Download to execute transactions and smart contract interactions within the Ethereum network.

📚 Tutorial

1. Open MetaMask

2. Access Network Selection Settings

Select the network selection dropdown, found at the top left of the MetaMask window.

3. Select Add a New Network

4. Add a Network Manually

5. Enter Network Details

In the Add a network manually settings, input the following information for the Hemi network:

6. Save and Connect

Select Save to add the Hemi network to your MetaMask and then select Switch to Hemi.

7. Add tHEMI to MetaMask (Optional)

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