📜 TL;DR:

  • Gas fees in the Hemi Network are paid using ETH, the network's native token.

  • This approach is similar to Ethereum Layer 2 rollups like Optimism, where gas fees are in their native bridged tokens.

  • To interact with the Hemi Network, users can obtain ETH (or claim through the faucet in our Discord) and tunnel to Hemi.

🌐 Overview

  • In cryptocurrency networks, gas refers to the tokens used to pay transaction fees. These fees are essential for processing transactions and maintaining network security, compensating network operators for the real-world costs they incur.

🔧 Fee Mechanisms: Other Networks

  • For example, in the Bitcoin network, transaction fees are paid in BTC. Ethereum, on the other hand, uses ETH as gas. These fees serve the same fundamental purpose across different blockchains but are paid in the respective network's native tokens.

Gas Fees on Hemi

  • The Hemi Network adopts a method akin to Ethereum Layer 2 rollups by using ETH as its gas token. This strategy enhances compatibility and user-friendliness, particularly for those accustomed to Ethereum's system.

  • To interact with the Hemi Network, users can obtain ETH and tunnel to Hemi. This ensures a seamless and efficient means for users to engage with the Hemi Network's services.

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