🏁 Getting Started

We are always open to new ideas, but here are some specific areas we believe will impact the network most.

If you don't see your idea on this list, we also want to hear about projects you are interested in building!

πŸ€– Bitcoin "Intelligent" dApps

Any dApp you are passionate about building that would benefit from Bitcoin awareness.

  • Non-Custodial BTC / BTC Asset DEXes

    • A decentralized exchange to trade Bitcoin or Bitcoin-based assets without requiring users to give up custody of their funds.

  • Non-Custodial Bitcoin Lending

    • A dApp to enable Bitcoin-based lending (either borrowing Bitcoin itself or using Bitcoin as collateral for other loans) without users giving up custody of their funds.

  • Bitcoin "smart wallets" with custom key manager sets

    • Users/smart contracts create Bitcoin wallets controlled by configurable validator sets and managed on Hemi; smart wallet owners can specify transactions that should be performed on Bitcoin from their wallet, and validators work together to sign and propagate on Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin "transaction forwarding"

    • A dApp where users/smart contracts can send tunneled BTC on Hemi to a liquidity provider, who then sends tunneled BTC to the sender’s specified destination.

  • Bitcoin MEV Marketplace / Tx Accelerator

    • A dApp where users can submit raw Bitcoin transactions or their hashes along with an attached reward (in $HEMI, $ETH, etc.), which will be paid out to the Bitcoin miner that includes their specified Bitcoin transaction in a block

  • Ordinals/Inscriptions "minting-as-a-service"

    • A service that facilitates the creation of Ordinals.

  • Any other novel Bitcoin dApp that benefits from introspection into Bitcoin data

πŸ’‘ dApp Ideas

  • DEXes

  • Lending Markets

  • Bridges

  • Yield Aggregators

  • Algorithmic Stablecoins (maybe?)

  • On-chain games

  • NFT projects

  • NFT Marketplaces

  • AI (ex: model marketplace with zk-verifiable inference)

  • Real World Assets

  • Fiat On-Ramps


  • Wallet support (either tHEMI itself and/or PoP mining embedded in a Bitcoin wallet)

  • Improvements to existing services (explorer, portal, demo dApps, etc.)

  • Oracles

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