Tunnel ETH to Hemi

📜 TL;DR:

  • AcquireETH,essential for initiating transactions and testing smart contracts on Hemi Testnet.

  • Move your ETH to Hemi by using the Tunnel, enabling interactions within the Hemi Network ecosystem.

🏁 Prerequisites

  1. To test out the tunnel on the Sepolia testnet, you can obtain ETH with either of the following options:

    1. Using Alchemy: This method requires creating an account but is generally faster.

    2. Direct Faucet Access: If you prefer a no-account option, though it might be slower, use the Sepolia Faucet directly.

  2. To ensure visibility of your ETH on the Sepolia testnet post-transfer, toggle the Show test networksoption in MetaMask:

    • Select the drop down on the left

    • Toggle Show Test Networks

    • Select Sepolia

📚 Tutorial

1. Visit the Hemi App

Go to https://app.hemi.xyz/en/tunnel/ to tunnel your ETH from Sepolia to the Hemi network.

2. Connect Wallet

3. Connect to your Preferred Wallet

4. Click Connect

5. Tunnel Funds

  • Enter the amount you would like to tunnel

  • Click Deposit

  • Click Confirm

Note: You can confirm your transaction was successful in the Activity tab of your MetaMask wallet.

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