🌐 Season 1: Testnet

🎯 Goal: To lay a solid foundation for the Hemi Network by engaging and incentivizing users, developers, and creators during the testnet phase.

Incentive Structure

  • πŸ”— On-chain Engagement: Points are allocated for transactions and other on-chain activities.

  • πŸ’¬ Off-chain Participation: Points are also given for contributions to social platforms and community engagement that support network growth.

Rewards Focus

  • Network Utilization and User Onboarding: Prioritizing actions that enhance network usage and integrate new participants effectively.

  • Active Community Contributions: Recognizing significant community involvement and impactful contributions off-chain.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Customized Financial Support: Crafting grants and investments specifically designed to align with strategic objectives of Hemi's ecosystem.

  • Open Application for Innovation: Streamlining the process for developers to propose and deploy on-chain solutions, encouraging broad participation, and lowering barriers to entry.

🌐 Season 2: Mainnet + Token Generation Event (TGE)

🎯 Goal: To amplify network activity and economic contributions on the mainnet during the critical period following the TGE.

Incentive Structure

  • πŸ”— On-chain Engagement: Intensive rewards for activities that demonstrate substantial economic value, such as Total Value Locked (TVL) and transaction volume.

  • πŸ’¬ Off-chain Participation: Incentives for community engagement and activities that boost the ecosystem’s visibility.

Rewards Focus

  • Economic Contributions and Ecosystem Growth: Enhancing the network activity and user base expansion.

  • Developer Engagement and Support: Hosting events like hackathons and educational programs to nurture developer interaction.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Push for Hemi-native Ecosystem: Promoting the development and integration of native applications.

  • Special Events: Organizing Learn & Earn initiatives to engage the community actively.

  • Support for Strategic Projects: Providing tailored support to projects that significantly contribute to network growth.

  • Community-Driven Activities: Encouraging the community to participate in governance and decision-making processes.

🌐 Season 3 - N: Mainnet, Post-TGE

🎯 Objective: Consolidate network growth, enhance economic stability, and transition to decentralized governance on mainnet.

Incentive Structure

  • πŸ”— On-chain Engagement: Prioritizing liquidity provision, DEX trading volume, and supporting projects that significantly contribute to the network’s economic activity, such as AMM liquidity and Bitcoin DEX trading.

  • πŸ’¬ Off-chain Participation: Maintaining engagement through community-building initiatives and continued support for established projects.

Rewards Focus

  • Transition to Liquidity Mining: Points accumulated in Seasons 1 and 2 are carried over to the next season. Points will be rewarded for strategically interacting with the network.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Retroactive Funding Implementation: Beginning to reward builders retroactively for their impactful contributions made in previous seasons aligning with the launch of $HEMI distributions.

  • Continuation of Grant and Investment Programs: Focusing solely on bespoke agreements, moving away from open applications to more curated and strategic engagements that are aligned with network goals.

  • New Inflationary $HEMI for Security: Introducing new $HEMI tokens specifically allocated to enhance network security and operational robustness.

  • Governance Transition: Phasing out direct grant applications and transitioning to a decentralized governance model (DeGov) to manage future grants and investments.

Note: Points awarded by the Hemi Network are intended to encourage user activities that are beneficial to the network. Points have no intrinsic value. The exchange or conversion of points to rewards, if any, will be undertaken at the sole discretion of Hemi.

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