Hemi Ambassador Program

πŸ“œ TL;DR:

  • Rise through ranks, earn miles, get merch, and unlock perks.

  • To get started, fill out this form (link to Ambassador form TBC, or are we using the Absinthe link?)!

  • The Hemi Ambassador Program comprises TWO distinct tracks:

✈️ Welcome to the Hemi Ambassador Program!

  • The Hemi Ambassador Program is a way to explore the Hemisphere. Meet builders and crypto enthusiasts championing the growth of technology in Web3.

  • We aspire to nurture leaders, establish a forward-thinking and collaborative community and support Aviators with education and experience. Our community is full of like-minded individuals that believe shaping Web3 starts today and we are honored to have you all a part of our Hemi community!

  • Rise through ranks, earn miles, get merch, and unlock Captain level for the highest perks. No pun intended.

  • There’s a few of things you can do here to earn your miles:

    • Tech stuff: Coding, mining

    • Creative projects: Art, design

    • Community building: Connect with others

    • Social events: Host, attend

The Hemi Ambassador Program offers two tracks:

Enthusiasts are able to move up the ranks the same way a builder can with tasks focused on events, social and community-oriented missions.

πŸ”Ž What Does Hemi Look For?

  • First ingredient: passion! We believe that enthusiasm goes a long way and we encourage and support Web3 enthusiasts. The main ideas are to promote the Hemi environment, provide feedback to the Hemi team, connect and invite other enthusiasts to the community, assist users with questions and technical support, create content and ultimately join us at our live events!

  • Whether you are a builder or an enthusiast, we are happy to find a place for you in our Ambassador Program:

    • πŸŽ™οΈ Engagement: Connecting with us and other users is the cornerstone of any community. Initiate thought-provoking conversations with community members, create content (yes, memes too!), organize events, assist others and provide feedback to the Hemi team.

    • πŸ—£οΈ Advocacy: Share your knowledge and experience with other Web3 enthusiasts and builders, be a point of contact for users and direct them to the docs or other resources they may need.

    • 🧐 Research: By being present in these communities, you have access to unique insights with pain points, trends and ideas. These valuable insights help us strengthen the Hemi brand and user experience.

    • πŸ“š Educator: By being an extension of Hemi, you’re given the opportunity to create educational content, host events and potentially join us for our live events globally.*

* please confirm your country is eligible for these perks by contacting us at info-hemi@hemi.xyz

🏁 Getting Started

  • To get started, fill out this form (link to Ambassador form TBC, or are we using the Absinthe link?)!

  • Here you’ll find in-depth information about the missions, ranks, perks and how to move up.

  • Join our Discord and follow us on X.

  • Got any more questions? Drop them in our Discord or reach out to us directly at info-hemi@hemi.xyz.

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