Add tHEMI to MetaMask

πŸ“œ TL;DR:

  • tHEMI: Governance token for the Hemi Network's testnet phase.

  • Rewards: Initially for PoP miners; expanding to Sequencers, Publishers, and Challengers.

  • Future Role: To become the primary gas token, offering fee discounts.

  • Manage tHEMI: View balance and transactions directly in MetaMask. :::


tHEMI is the testnet governance token for the Hemi Network, serving as a critical tHEMI is the testnet governance token of the Hemi Network. Initially, tHEMI tokens are allocated for payouts to PoP miners, acknowledging their contribution to the network's security and functionality.

Looking ahead, tHEMI will play a broader role in rewarding various network participants, including Sequencers, Publishers, and Challengers, who contribute to the network's resilience and growth. tHEMI is set to become the preferred gas token on the network, offering users fee discounts and enhancing transaction efficiency.

πŸ“š Tutorial

1. Open MetaMask

2. Access Token Selection

  • Navigate to Tokens

  • Import Tokens

3. Enter the Contract Address

  • Type in the tHEMI token contract address 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042 into the Token Contract Address field.

    • If the address is recognized, MetaMask will automatically populate the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision fields.

4. Import

  • Confirm the accuracy of the provided information, click on Add Custom Token, and then select Import Tokens.

Your tHEMI tokens should now be visible in your MetaMask wallet, allowing you to view your balance and conduct transactions directly within the wallet interface.

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